Trinity Hall Project Desciption


Trinity Hall is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge. It is the fifth oldest college of the university being founded in 1350. Trinity Hall was also the home to the famous Stephen Hawking during his undergraduate at Cambridge University.

Our project at Trinity Hall consisted of refurbishing the existing roof to the S Stair building.   One of the main objectives was to provide the existing roof with a warm roof construction whilst providing additional ventilation where necessary.  The insulation was installed inbetween the ceiling joists of the loft space and between the existing rafters. The roof structure has been re-constructed in a way which provides the flat roof with more efficient surface drainage and improved structural integrity.  Finally, the roof was finished with a new TECO classic copper roof covering. Externally there has been extensive lime mortar repointing to the masonry brickwork, and brick repairs where required on the gable ends to provide the external walls with further structural stability for the re-bedding of stone copings. Once the project had commenced, a survey was carried out by Freeland Rees Roberts architects  and FAV to determine the amount of stonework that needed replacing/re-bedding. During the project it was also decided that extra stone works were to be introduced into the contract, such as stone repairs to the North elevation parapet and lower level cornice of the D-stair, and also re-building the high-level stone balustrade on Trinity Lane.

Further to the above, during the project most of the historic leaded casement windows to the S-Stair were removed, and were restored off  site.  The leaded windows were preserved and restored in the workshop to match their original values, before returning to Trinity Hall to be reinstalled. Some other minor works that were carried out during the project were, replacement of the existing chimney pots, the repair and repainting of existing rainwater goods, lead works to the dormer windows and joinery repairs/cornice replacements to the existing dormer windows on the Garratt Hostel Lane elevation and Trinity Lane.